Book Review: The 5 AM Club

What do an artist, an entrepreneur, and a billionaire have in common? They all start their mornings at 5 AM!

It might sound crazy, but by following their story, The 5 AM Club (2018) will show you how you can revolutionize your morning, reclaim your life, and get more personal growth and passion out of the first hour of your day than most people do all week.

The new thing I have learned from reading this book is the 20–20–20 rule.

When you wake up in the morning and then your first 1 hour is very important. Here you apply the 20–20–20 rule.

20(Move)–20(Reflect)–20(Grow) rule mechanism


The first 20 minutes is your moving time. At this time you need to do physical exercise.


Now first 10 minutes you need to think about your life goal or your high priority of the day. Other 5 minutes write down your greeting, to-do list, and last 5 minute you can do meditation.


And the last 20 minutes is a very crucial time of 20–20–20 rule. Now you can do learn new things, listen to podcasts, audiobooks, do the math, etc.

Happy reading 📚



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Abu Yousuf Akash

Abu Yousuf Akash

👋 I am Abu Yousuf Akash & I make videos & write articles on Books, Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Psychology, Learning, & Productivity.