How to quit programming and start ‘actually’ programming

it all starts with that one ‘aha’ moment and you jump into your wizard’s chair, cuff up and started coding to bring your idea to a reality. and just as soon as you put your hands on the keyboard, the question comes up ‘where do i start?’ and you think. then you start writing some random stuff to get your thing done and minute by minute you feel that you are moving towards your goal, but no. you take a break and you realize that it’s the same code that you’ve written some other day, it all looks so familiar. where did you go wrong? what went wrong? you were all prepared and pumped up to do this thing, but all of a sudden the enthusiasm is lost. well the problem is in ‘prepared’. preparing today means being ready to tackle something, but in programming it should mean ‘yes i have the plan laid out on paper and went through it a million times’. well, eh.. not exactly a million times but somewhere closer would be fine.

The main problem in today’s programming world is the vast variety of languages, framework and tools available. one can easily be lost in the ocean of these things and you quickly forget what your goal is. so let’s do something about it.

The something -> “restrict yourself”

restrict myself? what?

yes exactly. restrict yourself from the internet, don’t go on a wild hunt to find the right tool. just follow a good article ONCE clearly and use the things the article/s taught you. now to the other thing.

The otherthing -> “paper work”

paper work ! paper work ! paper work ! paper work ! paper work !

i just can’t explain this, but do you know what makes a human think intelligent?

you guessed it “it’s paper”. :p

believe me it’s the best advice you will ever get in your whole life. the reason is in your hands. we are a generation who are taught to do things with hands, fingers.maybe Expertise lies in them. a great painter has great control over his wrist movement, a great novelist has a great grip on his pen, a great boxer knows how to use his fist, and a great programmer will always do his paper work first. okay, now one more thing.

One more thing -> “result”

what does the thing that you are trying to achieve will give you. is it just an intellectual exercise or will it give you money. what ever your aim is it should be the result. don’t deviate.

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