The Zenith of sports -

Over the past 30 odd years football has become extremely monetised; the fatter the bank balance of the owners, the better players in the squad and the better the players; the more chances to win titles. This reality has detrimentally affected the image of football : underdog stories are decreasing in number, the value of teamwork, work ethic, and building youth players through youth academies are all slowly but surely lessening in a significant number of football clubs around the world. In the premier league, which is the main league of England; this situation is undeniably present, with the spending of the large teams such as Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal among many others, leading to more titles for these teams while youth development is negligibly stressed upon in a few of the aforementioned clubs. However in all of the money deals that take place, there are clubs that rise without large wallets; one such club is Leicester City. While the success of Leicester is known to many, the circumstances are known to only a few. Leicester City, led by Claudio Ranieri; a manager deemed a failure, with 3 to 1 odds of relegation to the second tier of football overcame many great sides in order to lift the premier league title and form what in my opinion and in the opinions of many is the greatest sport achievement of all time. With odds of 5000 to 1 of winning the title against them, a squad reckoned by many football pundits and unworthy of the premier league; Leicester have defied all odds and have lifted their first premier league title in the clubs history. Their title win isn’t what we should take back from this achievement but it is their will to fight and never give up. The excellent teamwork displayed by them and the immaculate work done by Claudio Ranieri who transformed non — league players Riyadh Mahrez and Jamie Vardy into players who terrorize defences. I have little doubt that the metaphoric empire will strike back and normalcy will return to premier league football but for now I urge you, in the words of commentator Martin Tyler, “Watch it, drink it, soak it in because I can guarantee you, nothing like this will ever happen again.”

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