Taj Mahal — one of the seven wonders of the world

This is going to be a looooooong post for the reason that an Indian is writing all he loves about his country. For everything Indian is a warm fuzzy feeling that moves through the body when you hear about it in a foreign land. India is home and obviously I love it more than I can fathom in words ever.

Like in Amitav Ghosh’s book Shadow Lines, much like the protagonist Tridib, I found myself retracing and remembering things like the small tea stall at the street corner, my visits to various places within India and so much more that…

Private Equity is bigger than ever, in the last 20 years it has grown exponentially as investors realize that the returns achieved by private equity can be difficult to find elsewhere. I am sure that each one of you has heard the word ‘Private Equity’ at some point or the other because it is practically everywhere. It can be a confusing concept for those who do not understand economics but are interested in knowing what is going on in the world around them. So today, I’ll try to help you understand PE better. …

Downtown Miami aa arena

As someone said so wisely, “Is Miami America? Is it a state? Is it the South? … I love Miami for the same reason I love the places I love most around the world… it’s the mix here, this big, messy, dysfunctional hell broth of people from all over the world that make it so awesome and make it a place I want to keep coming back to. Also the food’s good.”

Yes, you read it right, I AM talking about the world’s most fun, weird and magical city that is Miami. I have had the opportunity to live in…

Lavish Indian spread in a wedding/Large Gathering

I consider myself lucky for I had the opportunity to travel and try so many cuisines. I absolutely love food. Just like every second person, I am a self-proclaimed foodie. What is there to not like in food? I have never come across anything that soothes your senses like the first bite of your favorite food does. It’s magical with a tinge of fat and calories and I am all for it. One tends to love food from foreign lands, for the fascination and freshness it encloses in each bite. Our taste buds get weary of eating the same food…

How naïve were you to think that travel will be your escape.

Maya Angelou said, “Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.”

I wondered for a while on why I wanted to write about this, but in the end the thought seemed essential and I felt a need to put it out there. For as long as I can remember, a person who has travelled has been considered wise, worldly and filled…

Akhil morada

An entrepreneur, a professional financial advisor with 12+ years of experience, President at Akhil Morada Ventures. Apart from work I love to travel & write.

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