Good Things Don’t Last

Whether it’s real estate investing or currency trading, the phrase “good things (deals or trades) don’t last certainly holds true. In the 10 years that I’ve been involved in the markets I’ve missed out on a handful of properties because I wasn’t prepared to jump on the deal asap, and in trading I’ve missed more trades then I can count for numerous embarrassing reasons.

Our past failures, end up being a greatest teachers.

Today we saw a lot of weakness in the US Dollar due to no hawkish surprises being included in today’s FOMC statement. This weakness is currently pushing a handful of currency pairs through major levels of structure, opening up the potential for some very good moves throughout the next few days and weeks.

Despite popular belief, trading is actually pretty boring and because of that it’s very easy to get complacent or distracted. However, good opportunities don’t occur to often and the ability to catch a few of them can be the difference between a good and great trading year.

I’ll be keeping an even closer look at the markets throughout the upcoming days and weeks and hopefully one of these potential moves can turn my trading year, which has been good thus far, into a great year similar to what I was able to do in 2015.

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