Live Your Passion

I just spent the past four hours recording, editing & producing a trading video, followed by cooking dinner for my family. many would label this as a chore or a duty, maybe even a hassle. But for me, it’s relaxing.

Trading and cooking are both forms of art to me and to be given a blank canvas to create is something I often look forward to. Unlike other aspects of my life I don’t “have to” do this, or I don’t “have to” follow that. I can simply sit back and allow the mind to work with zero restraints. Being deep into a chart, or into a dish is the only time I really relax as the mind is usually stuck thinking three, four, five steps ahead.

Like a trading strategy, or a recipe, balance is key to keeping your life afloat. If you work too hard you’ll crash and if you don’t work hard enough you’ll fail.

I recommend that everyone finds an activity in life that allows then to reset and make sure you implement into your daily routine.


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