💃🏾Girls Run the World🌍

Celebrating the artistic and literary expression of young girls through the Dadas Lead Art Contest.

The Dadas Lead Art Contest is an annual initiative of Akili Dada, an international, award-winning leadership incubator cultivating transformative leadership in a generation of young African women from underprivileged backgrounds.

The initiative seeks to celebrate the Day of the Girl, an international observance marked annually on the 11th of October, to raise awareness on the issues girls face.

Photos courtesy of Inua Mimi Rescue Centre x Photo Start / 2017

The Dadas Lead Art contest accepted submissions from all over the world. Students submitted essays, poetry, photos and paintings which lit the Dadas Lead Art Show on the 11th of October 2017.

A Reliable Panel

Suiting the theme of the day, outstanding girls hosted the art exhibition, shared solutions for the problems they face and exhibited their art and essays. We acknowledge that young girls have a strong audible voice backed with practical evaluations on the issues they face daily.

Host of the day, Sharon Kate Ng’ang’a
ONLY AT DADAS LEAD: Our able and expressive girl panel and a keen audience / Akili Dada 2017

Through the contest, Akili Dada, stands in solidarity with other like minded organizations and the global community to draw attention to the 2017 theme Girls’ Progress = Goals’ Progress: What Counts for Girls.

The theme specifically recognizes that much more can and needs to be done to harness data required to ensure programs, policies and services effectively respond to the specific needs of girls.

YES TO GIRL PANELS! Intelligent young girls sharing their problems and solutions / Akili Dada 2017

We are grateful for our partners who made the day special: Throttle Queens, Zana Africa and Photo Start.

#EMPOWERGIRLS / @Throttle_Queens Twitter, 2017
Photo Start / Oct. 2017

Oh What a Wonder!

We celebrated the new girl-centric book produced by our talented dada Paola Gianturco and her granddaughter Alex Sangster, Wonder Girls. Akili Dada alumnae glossily shine their social change projects in this vibrant read.

Wonder Girls: Changing Our World is a call to action to help these girls accomplish their important work. Alex Sangster’s sections, the finale of each chapter, tell you how.

With the goal to unapologetically express themselves, girls write blogs, petitions, poetry, create radio shows, videos, invent dances, songs and works of art to promote their causes.

Claris, our Young Changemakers & Gap Year Alumna, is featured in Wonder Girls Changing Our World. Learn about her ambitions and her impactful social change project.

As the globe celebrated the success of young girls, Global Fund for Women applauded our very own Young Changemakers and Gap Year alumna, Leah. With firm leadership values, Leah expressed her love for literature by gifting her community with a library. Now a freshman in University of British Colombia, Vancouver, Leah is studying Political Science. She hopes to be the change we want to see in Kenya, and Africa.

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