If you look closer.. You can mention.. That everything around was created by the same formula.. Many philosophers talked about it.. What is above so below..

Everything has regularity and opposition..

There are even and odd numbers..

There are day and night. Winter and Summer.. South and North pole. There is kindness and evil..

The most interesting thing is that what I got out of analysis chasing self-davelopment.. The more I grow.. The more grows the opposite of mine.. My shadow..

The higher you climb the mountain the more problems you have, they say..

It’s like going up a spiral..

Ill-interntioned people put people agains me.. They are trying to expose me in a bad light.. And it gets worse when I have a big leap up in growths.. There is another fine point,.. if you let them grow.. I am.. I will grow.. I want to conduct a small Experiement.. I have a favour to ask my dear reader..

Can you please in some social networks writer about me.. Something not nice about me..

That I am “silly”. “Lier”.. “Evil person”

Because of that my other opposite will grow.. I will be “wiser”.. “truthful”.. “Kind”..

Recently on my conference I was telling people how everything is connected.. And I asked them to pay attention where they see 12 elements.. That can be devided into 4 groups..

  • There are 12 hours.. And there are 4 groupd.. Day, night, morning, evening.
  • There are 12 months. And there are 4 time of year.
  • There are 12 zodiac signs. And 4 element of nature.

We can go on and on..

The thing is..

If you recognize this formula.. You will congnize all..

On the conference I gave people an opportunity to use is to gather right people around them..

There should be 12 people around.. Three of them nice people.. Which do you good. Three of 12 should be bad. Who do nasty things to you.. And there are three that lead you to bad things. And there are three who leads you to good things..

It’s like with time of years.. Winter is cold.. There are 3 months in Winter.. But there is an Autumn.. Which will lead you to Winter.. There is Spring.. which will lead you to Summer..

Those are 4 groups..

I am busy now with those elements.. And I would advise to follow me.. Try.. To solve this riddle that I described in this chapter..

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