Today I called to Yuri Kretov..

I told him everything in a nutshell..

And than I asked.. Those people.. Should I expect any danger from them.. He said no..

I asked also about this riddle that I was given in 2010.. It was a stone.. surname and digits on a piece of paper.. He said that it’s a key so the paradox of attention would happen.. which actually did happen.. That’s why I started to look for my teacher and that’s why all my gifts started to manifest..

Also he said.. That “them” follow the same rules of system as everyone else.. So even if they tell me that they will kill me or something else. They won’t be able to do it.. Because they know rules and know about consequences..

No matter what.. I am free..

He said that I would think that I owe them something.. That everything happen only because of them.. but it’s not true.. If I would be just a John Doe.. No matter what I do nothing would happen..

They just fire it up a little..

He said that there are many people like me.. And they are waiting who would be the first to surface.. And if someone would come out than they officially admit it and tell everyone that “here he is”..

And if no one comes out they will be silent.

Also.. If they would want.. They won’t need to see you to do something bad to you.. there is an attention that can be directed.. And they can direct my attention as well wherever needed..

The secret is in the paradox of attention.

That’s my state of altered attention.. And it always for growth and it cannot be for minus.. And there it is.. For the last past months it got stronger! And that I am back.. With all the miracles which can exsist..

I made my choice for it to happen, and it does happen now..

The main thing for me is to win in this experiment. I need to surface. Now I am making a list of “rules of nature”and I will do everything.. that is not standard for people.. but normal for nature and rules..

They are waiting when I finish my path.. They know how it will be finished. They are waiting.. when I grow up.. But if the process has started.. The end is close.. and it will be the begining of something new..




Instagram: akinformation

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Aleksandr Korol

Aleksandr Korol

Instagram: akinformation

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