Free Yourself: Thoughts On The Recession (2)

In one of my visits to Lagos Business School (LBS), I dedicated a lot of time to have a fill of the architecture and their art collection. A breathtaking piece which is certain to dirupt the viewer’s mind and set thoughts rolling is ‘Free yourself’- a suspended sculpture in one of the courtyards.

The sculpture is that of a human figure (man/woman) enclosed in a wire-sculpted fish. The eyes of this human body are covered with a piece of cloth, hindering the individual from seeing the escape tools surrounding him (or her) in the belly of the fish- a mallet, a saw, a knife, a pair of pliers, and a phone. If only…..

The metaphorical depiction of freedom in that art work can be related to any subject matter.

Nigeria today is in one of the worst economic recessions in her history. A lot of blame has been put on the country’s over-dependence on oil, previous administrations, and the current administration with its change mantra. Economic diversification is the new catchphrase, which of course is the way to go. Problem here is that as much as we talk about it, we only relate it to the Government. How about us individuals?

The Government promised immediate change which got them voted in. They have failed on that promise, and switched from making the change, to us making the change.

Of course, the worst form of corruption is that of the mind, hence change starts with you. While I am not a proponent of the Government’s campaign, I’d also not support mere criticism.

Are we aware of our collective power?

The collective power of the people cannot be over-emphasized, but are the people in agreement? Do they know what they have? What drives them? Do they have the interest of others at heart?

While we MUST criticize and ensure good governance, how about ourselves?

The common mentality in the country today is ‘what’s in it for me?’.

The call here is to have an inward check- what are the motives that drive us? While we MUST criticize and ensure good governance, how about ourselves?

Like the man in the belly of the fish, we have the escape resources to survive, and grow the economy, no matter how subsistent.

FREE YOURSELF, let us realize who we are, the resources around us, and how best to make use of them, let us change our mentality and approach to issues around us.