‘To become a good writer, you have to write and keep writing’. Those were the words of Jide Akintunde when I mentioned my skill-deprived interest in writing. To transform my ‘talking’ skills into writing, I’ve decided to write about the current wave of intolerance and lack of love among Christians.

In recent times, I’ve come across two parallel views on the issue of homosexuality; those that accept the LGBT for who they are and believe it is normal to humans, and those that condemn homosexuality using biblical texts as reasons for their condemnation and in the process countries like Canada, USA, Germany who have largely legalized LGBTs are often compared to Sodom and Gomorrah while countries like Nigeria who have set aside jail terms for LGBTs are praised for ‘doing the work of God’

The big question is how would Jesus react to LGBTs?

Art Credit: www.lachapellestudio.com

Using Jesus as the ultimate example, he was commonly found among those perceived as sinners by self-righteous Jews, and he shielded the woman caught in adultery from jungle justice without judging her. Today, we have publicly acclaimed homophobic Christians who would derive satisfaction in throwing fellow humans into man-made prisons based on the laws of God. But let me tell you, according to God whom they all claim to represent, it is not our duty to decide what is right or wrong for fellow humans, leave the conviction to God. If we were in the days of Jesus, he would not advocate for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders to be thrown into prison, instead he would say ‘he who has not sinned let him be the first to open the prison cells’. He would further show them love that knows no bound and condemn those who try to remove the speck in the eye of others while battling with the iroko tree in their own eye.

Turn your focus to working on yourself, and like Jesus, show love to those around you irrespective of personal choices, only then can you truly become a tool in helping others. Until then, mind your business, deal with the lust in your heart, deal with telling lies, deal with fornication, deal with the love of money, deal with whatever you may be battling. After all, all sins are equal before God.