Nigerians are so Special

What a great Nation we come from. Massive with so many hidden beauties and resources. Vast and unique cultures to be explored. All types of wonders and possibilities.

We who were born with the blessing of being Nigerian must be the chosen ones. Born into a place where there is boundless possibility. We must be special. We are not special.

We are just Nigerians. This national identity that has seen no progress since we gained some version of independence is as worthless as the currency we use. We regale ourselves with tales of amazing individuals ethnically Nigerian that are doing great things all over the world as proof that there must be something special about being Nigerian. There is not. The abundance of natural resources within our borders does not make us special, at best we are lucky.

Our massive population closing in on 200 million does not make us special. It just makes for a lot of people who are not special.

The exceptionalism of a nation is not mired in the frugalities of individual and isolated successes but it exists in the collective accomplishments of a people dedicated to doing exceptional things as a people and for the people.

We have simply forgotten this often unspoken truth. There is nothing about us that makes us innately special. We will only truly be special as a nation if we collectively do special things as a nation. Innovate, figure out healthcare, build infrastructure, fix our politics, eradicate poverty and erase unemployment. These are things a collective does to advance our situation as a collective. This should be more worth our attention than that Nigerian born in Iowa that got into 8 ivy league schools.

Till then. You being Nigerian is as unimportant as the color of your socks when you wear long pants. Try not to stay unspectacular my fellow Nigerians.

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