She was trying to find this month’s electricity bill when she came across a letter that was for him.
 “ Why on earth a letter for him was in her mailbox ? , Akira asked herself. She flipped it and found something written at the back. “ I know Kabir will kinda get mad at me for reading his mail but this one is something I really can’t resist “, she told herself after seeing what was written at the back.

“ Holy mother of God ! He did it . He finally did it ! “, she exclaimed jumping a feet above the ground. She wanted to call him right away and share the news but she stopped herself. She almost picked up the phone and dialed his number and hung up even before it could start ringing . She was trying to catch her breath and get back to normal when the phone buzzed out of nowhere. It almost fell off her hand and she saved it trying to make peace in her head .

“ Hey , babe. Yet another boring monotonous day at office for me “, Kabir said in his everyday tired office voice .
What were the odds of him calling ? Connection , sometimes just sometimes , its too strong for co-incidents like these to happen. Sound very fancy and magical don’t they ? For her , it was something that happened every now and then. Afterall, they were madly in love with each other for over three years now.
“ Hey! I was kinda, you know, calling you, I mean trying to call you , as in almost . Almost rang. Just dialed , though. “ , she replied fumbling and stuttering between her words while her hands were cold. They both were waiting for this to happen to him so that they can finally be together in a place far far away from where they were stuck for last three years.
“ Hey, what’s wrong love ? You sound so very tensed . Is everything okay ? “ , he asked with an immediate change of tone.

She wanted to break the news to him that very instant when the kid in her thought of an alternate ending to this conversation. It had been really long since she had surprised him and this was a perfect opportunity to give him a mini heart attack of celebration. Ah! How she loved the idea of being in love with him. She enjoyed playing with him from time to time.

“ Akira ? You there ? ,Kabir asked again , sounding a little tensed when she didn’t respond to him. She couldn’t have responded at that instant. She was busy and lost in her own world .
“ Yeah. Yeah. I am here . Sorry. No Kabir . Things are not okay. I am sick of this life and the people in it . It’s a Friday. I don’t care if you are tired . Come and pick me up and take me to your place for the weekend. I have never asked for this before , not once acted like such a baby in three years but today , I just can’t control. I have to hold you tonight and feel that everything is going to be okay “, she said trying to talk in a deep sad voice when all she wanted to do was shout her lungs out to the world and tell everyone that he did it.

He finally did it after three years of hard work and consistency. She wanted to tell each and every person that ever doubted him that nothing beats sincerity and laser like focus . Finally all his efforts gave result. Finally all her dedication to him , his dreams or say their dreams got them the result.
Isn’t being in love crazy ? How somebody’s dreams suddenly become yours as well. How someone’s struggle becomes yours too. How someone’s happiness becomes your happiness too. This is what they shared.This is what they worked on. Growing with each other. They loved the poetic idea of being co-dependent in a world that is shouting to be independent. The feeling of growing up with another person by your side is out of this world. After all love is walking by each other’s side .

“ Calm down lady ! Calm down !Breathe between the lines my kiddo. Do you really have to give such a long justification? You really think so ? I am here only my love. The idea of being with you is so beautiful that I forget all my tiredness . Be ready with a bagpack for the weekend, I will pick you up right after office and we will talk about what is bothering you . Okay ? “ , Kabir said in his always so composed manner.

She was the luckiest girl in this world to have loved a man of words .
“ God. I love you. I will be waiting. Okay. Go now , before that boss of yours starts staring at you. Get a life, do some work and stop missing me “, she said trying to fool around with him .
“ Oh really ? I won’t miss you now. But how, “, Kabir tried to play back when his boss came out of nowhere and he changed his tone to say , “ Babe. Babe . He is actually here. Bye . I hate you . “

After years of dating, saying “ I love you “, gets too mainstream. Doesn’t it ?

So she carefully packed her bag, putting together each and every thing she might need for this amazing weekend. They have had quite a few weekends together but this one was going to be different.
“ Legen -wait for it -dary !”, she told herself almost dancing and giggling at her own jokes. She had waited and worked too hard for this day. She had the divine right to be her happy self today.

Later in the evening, she was reading a book waiting for him when she realized its past 8 now. He should have been here like an hour back but he wasn’t. She told herself it must be the traffic and she should not bother him by calling, as it is, he was driving too far off after a hectic day at office.

As the clock struck nine thirty , she couldn’t stop herself and buzzed him.
No replies. Strange.
She called him.
Not answering. Strange.
She told herself to calm down and not worry and wait for him to revert.

After an hour of worrying, she finally got a text from him saying , “ So very sorry babe. I can’t make it tonight. Got stuck at office party . These people you know. I can’t wait to move out of this place. I will pick you up tomorrow early morning. Promise. Sleep well. I will reach home late.

She read it and had no clue how to respond. Firstly , he had never done this before . Atleast a call? A simple text , that was so not him. Secondly, she has never fought for things like these. She trusted him enough to not lie for minuscule matters like an office party.
But, she was of course disappointed . She wanted to surprise him and be with him to see how his face shines when she breaks the news to him.
Disappointed and tired , she changed into her night wear and went to sleep.

Her phone ringed three hours past midnight and woke her up from her totally blank and dreamless sleep .
“ You have five minutes exactly to pick up that bag that you must have packed hours back, put on a cardigan over your good for nothing night suit and cross the road to meet me where you do everytime”, he said even before she could say a word.
“ Eh ? Okay ! But what is the time ? Am I dreaming ? , Akira asked in her sleepy cracked voice.
“ Don’t . Don’t try to figure out. You are not dreaming you crazy person . Just shhhhhhh… Five minutes is all you have !” , Kabir said in his attempt to shut her up.

“ Coming.”
She pulled her cardigan and lifted her bag and walked out of the house in her sleep.
He was there like every other time , smiling a little too much today.
“ Hi. I hate you. Even more now. First for bailing out on me today. Second , for waking me up at such an odd hour . “, she said not even looking at him and added , “ So no kisses. No hugs. No talks. I will just sleep while you drive me back to your place. “
“ Our place. Start calling it our place ! And yes okay. What about tomorrow ? Will you still do the same tomorrow ?”, he said trying to make a puppy face knowing she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from kissing him.
“ Haha. Not tomorrow. Can’t stay mad at you for that long. But tonight I am mad and sleepy. “, she said pecking a small kiss on his cheeks, trying not to smile when all she wanted to do was blush.
And off she went to sleep .
Being around him made her feel so secure and out of this world. The warmth of his loving aura and the vicinity of his hands to hold on to. What else she needed ?
She slept to the idea of that.

The morning sunshine reflected from her face and woke her up. He was sitting right next to her and looking at her like every other morning when she woke up next to him.
“ Morning , Sunshine! Can I get that pending hug from last night ? , Kabir said in his sexy morning voice.
But wait.
Why were they both still in car ?
Wait what was the time ?
It takes just an hour to reach his place then how come this dawn break !
She looked confused and was trying to figure out things when he said , “ Surprise ! Jaipur ! We are in Jaipur. You told me to take you away for the weekend ! Here we are. Wasn’t this on our list for a really long time now ? I thought why not ?

Oh. My . God. She was shocked. She loves this place. She had been dying to be here for seven years now .
Jhumkis. Ghagras. Forts. Spicy food.
Pretty much summed up all she loved besides her work.

Akira jumped from her seat and hugged him so tight and didn’t let go.
“ I love you ! I lovvvvvvvvveeeeeeee you. I really do ! “, she exclaimed out of happiness that was reflected in her hyperactive self.

“ But where will be live? Our clothes ? Bookings ? And above all my camera ! Its at your place !”, she asked looking happily bewildered with her big blue eyes bigger than usual.

“ Haha. Do you really think I will bail out on you for an office party eh ? I was out with dad making all these arrangements and packing our stuff and of course your camera my love “, Kabir said with a reassuring smile trying to gather her messed up hair.

“ Kabir. I really don’t know what to say . Will another I love you do ? “ Akira said hugging him yet again.
“ Thank god. Finally she has nothing to say. Now come on pick up your ass from that seat. We have to get dressed and discover a whole city! “ , he said as he got out of the car.

He was collecting all their luggage from the car when she said , “ Well, Kabir , I was thinking, we should go to Australia next time . “.
“ Haha. Oh really ? Planning already ? You really should start living in the moment. As for Australia, it is on cards as soon as I get my admission there. “, he said without meaning it as such as he knew that moment was far off ahead from today.

“ I know man! And that’s why I am saying . It’s time we packed and start planning our tickets .”, she said smirking a little as she said that.
He came out of the car, looked at her and said, “ Babe. I know your deadline for deferred admission ends this spring. I have applied everywhere . If not the same , I will make it some other university there , I guess. And hopefully we will be together. Let’s enjoy Jaipur for now? “, he said trying to hide away his fear and stress.
Akira, jumped and said “ Yeah! I know. That is why I am saying, its time to book our tickets ! “, flashing his admission letter.

All the luggage from his hands fell off. He stood there staring at her and that letter.
“ Did I ?”, he asked slowly, feeling absolutely numb.
She handed him the letter.
He opened it up in a jiffy and started breathing heavily.
“ Does that mean , we are off. Finally. After three years. I did it. We made it. All those sleepless study sessions. Two years of working weekends. All your late night counselling sessions. “, Kabir said with almost no expression on his face.
She nodded.
And he immediately picked her up and shouted on top of his voice , “ Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayy! We did it. We fucking did it. “
As he brought her down , she held his face with her hands and said , “ I told you . Didn’t I ? We will make it happen. Have faith on yourself and our love .
Yes , he kissed her right away and said, “ Indeed my lady luck “.

And she said , “ And you thought only you could surprise me”
They both laughed in the middle of the road in a totally strange city at such an early odd hour near the dawn.
Such was their love .
Crazy and passionate