A Fourth Reich is rising across Europe — with ties to Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin
Nafeez Ahmed

Alexander Dugin FAQ

1-Is Alexander Dugin a “White Nationalist”?

No. Alexander Dugin is a Russian Slav who rejects the modernist political project of “nationalism” absolutely and completely.

2-Is Alexander Dugin a Fascist or a Communist?

Yes, in the sense that Dugin is influenced by thinkers from both movements (thus “National Bolshevism”).

No, in that the starting point of the Fourth Political Theory is the explicit rejection of Liberalism, Communism & Fascism as integral projects.

3 But why did Troy Southgate/stupid Liberals tell me Dugin was a White Nationalist?

Illiteracy or mendacity, take your pick.

5 Are you Antisemitic?

Dugin himself is an Orthodox Old Believer and a Slav, but Eurasianism is an open multipolar project that includes Jewish and Muslim religious scholars as founding members. As Radical Traditionalists we are the Neoplatonist wing of the sacred conspiracy, and as such are very close to certain Jewish mystical traditions, but we are closest of all to the Orthodox and Shiite mystical traditions.

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