Project 1 Week1@General Assembly

I am Valeria an UXD student.I am doing an immersive course at GA. First week was quite intense but very interesting. Our assigment for the week is to design an app for our desk’s neighbour. I bump into Cherie. Cherie is a lovely girl in his 30s.We started to talk about everything. I identifyng many problems, but her main problem at the moment is to rent her flat in Bristol.

Problem: “I Need to rent my flat as soon as possible but currently I am studying at GA, I have no time to go there”.

I started to make a lot of questions about this problems but my ideas about solving the problem were confused.


The first step was to prepare the rights questions and focus the right point.The 5 w tecnhique helps me a lot.

  1. Who are you ? Tell me a little bit more about you
  2. What is your main problem?
  3. Where would you like to solve this problem?
  4. Why do you wish rent your flat?
  5. When would you like to rent?

Through the rights questions I was able to have a clear idea of what she wants. I used a concept mapping for visualize my idea and see relationships between concepts.

In order to follow my research Cherie’s feedback gave me the possibility to fix ideas in a proprer order, and I was able to separate the concept in differents fields.

Cherie’s desire is to have just a person that can help her in a different city. The main point is that she wants a person who trust,who can give the key of the flat and that don’t belong to an agency. We created the figure of the “ Helper” . The Helper is a person that can help her, he/she earn money just for his short collaboration.So the main point of the app is the communications between the two figures and the trust of each others.


Once I definied the main concepts and in what direction going. I used all the informations from the interviewing process, and I tried to give them a logic order. After that I was able to draw an user flow, this was very helpful, and I had easily identified the numbers of steps from point A to point B. I simulated a typical journey’s user trough the app to achieve the first goal.


I started with some simple drawing, the main problem was to indentify in the app the differents profiles. The flat’s owner profile, the ‘’helper” and the features tenants.At first the entrance of the app was divided in three differents entrance so three differents log in.


Presenting my project to Cherie’s I discovered that she’s more interesting to start a contact to the right person that can help her and she prefer to enter directly into the app without option of other figures ( in this case helpers and tenants) So in the next sketching I deleted the others two entrance.I sketched a second version and I presented to the class for receiving others feedbacks.

Feedback were very helpful and make me thinking in a more specific and pratical way.Now the app is oriented just for the owner and the log in is easy as the location service connected with the postcode.



I tested my client through the Marvelapp (in this case Cherie) she suggested also to remove a part of the logo where is written “just for tenants” because she told me ‘’ If I am using this app it means that I know”. I tested others users through the prototype created.The prototybe has been submitted also to a Data Science student, who suggested to add also a rating system for the helpers list.


This app is basically a connection between two people, is important to focus the attention on the communication between the two profiles and the trusting of the service.The owner can choose between a list of helpers his favourite helper, he can visit his page and see his credits.The helper is no just for a renting help but could be useful for others things corcening the manage of flat. An helper earn extra money doing this.This was the idea of my first week. In the future I’d like to think about the possibility of a “swap” between helpers,so create a sort of library where people can help each others without necessirily earn money :).