Growing Garden Supply

Project 2 @ General Assembly

Second week at GA. I am so excited to start our new assignements.

We were asking to design a new e-commerce website for a local garden supply shop located in Columbia Road.


My first step was to understand the image of the shop. I went to Columbia Road just for understand better the area and the location. The shop is located in east London,where an atmosphere of authenticity can easily catch you. Reading the brief helps me to have a clear idea of the brand and to intercetted the focus point.

“we offer highly-curated inventory on hand-picked quality over quantity”

“we see opportunities to support the local people community by allowing people order some products online”

The three values of the brand are maintaining a local relationship with the customer, give more importance to the quality over the quantity, remain local and maintain his strong local image also through a website.


After having intercetted the three values of the company I’ ve started to analysing the personas in the brief, and I outlined the perfect match between one on the persona’s needs with the company’s brand.

The suitable persona in this brief was Max.

Max is sociable and he likes to supports local shop, gardening is very important for him and he likes originals things.

I started to make interviews to some friends and one of the user was very similar to Max. So I ‘ve deicided to focus my attention on his feelings,thoughts and needs.

This help me to understand how I could create the right desing for the target requested in the brief.

Some consideration has been about a special seeds section and an interactive virtual community.


To understand in a deep way the market I started to create a tab about weakness and strenght of the neighbours shops.The final research brought me to develop some considerations.

After this process I had a clear idea of what the website needs to focus on.


Card sorting

The content of the website was about 75 items, and because the shop is specialized on the quality at the place of the quantity I needed to find the right scheme and the rights sub categories.

I have done two cards sorting which suggest me dividing the structure in 6 categories.After that the next step was to create a site map to see the global hierarchy and the scope of the website.


Ours next step was to create user flow this has been important to identify how many screens I needed in order to create my wireframes.

So firts sketches made a sort of skeleton of the website,

The critiques in the class changes a little part of the structures some categories has been moved or modified. Feedback from my classmates were very important in this phase because they addressed me in a logic and neutral way.

classmates feedbacks


At this point we have digitalized the prototyoe drawing with Omngraffle, than we imported all the materials through Invisionapp and we made a perfect simulation of the functions in the website.I tested my prototype 5 times,and every testing there was a change. The billing checkout has also the product page has been modified several times.A final version has been uploaded in the website :


In this project I will add an interactive page for the review,I will add more functionalities to the product page , I will add the search system and the key words system. I will do more testing.

After the end of project two I can easily say that the testing phase and feedbacks are very important in order to create a neutral product easy to navigate just not with your own logic, the exchange of informations and critique with others is an important part of the design process.So looking forward to the third project and to practic this new elements just learnt!

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