This is all why I find the persistent praise of my work from conservatives funny. I am doing all this in an effort to crush you and your movement.
you got any better suggestions?
Freddie deBoer

Here’s the thing, Freddie. We don’t care. Because if you actually *can* crush conservatism through the logic and persuasiveness of your arguments, then conservatism deserves to be crushed.

So hell yes, I’ll continue to praise this approach, and critique the same approach from the left that you do. Because as (what you’d call) a conservative (I’d say my politics are more liberal/libertarian, but hey, no biggie), I *want* a left that makes arguments. If nothing else, it’ll challenge me to crystalize and better understand my own ideas in response. And sometimes, it’ll persuade me that I’m wrong on an issue, which — if I *am* wrong — I desperately want.

So please, keep on keeping on.

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