How to create GOD

We humans are the most funniest creatures I have ever seen . Here’s my theory of evolution . Early times when human population was around 1000 in whole world , there was a lightning strike just outside the village and due to friction that small area caught fire and luckily there was a guy close to that spot and other villagers thought that this guy created the fire .then what people started worshiping and women’s in the village started pleasing him . he experienced power of leveraging for the first time , but few men in the community got jealous of him and as its in our DNA the word GREED , even they wanted to be on the throne , and guess what there was another lightning and another fire and another guy who was burning in greed got an opportunity to get few followers and so that village population got split in half and two gods of different religion came in to existence . Then onwards it was just the game of creating gods and making a new religion and we still follow it . Guys please this is just a theory ,I still have to live few years with you in this society , no need to put my house on fire , coz in India its actually possible to get burnt in middle of the street and still no one will give no fuck to it . If it hurts your religious sentiments please go Fuck Yourself