Life can be a Complicated Mess
Minna Von Walden

Lol if you would have told me this last year I could have relate to it, but now its just a sympathy . been there where you are now , 4 year relation 3 years in long distance ,super fucked up shit to be honest ,people told me happiness is within yourself and not in a specific person but how to activate it is a big task . I am science student and I know happiness is just one chemical reaction which triggers in your head but how to get it out when you attached to a particular thing is the question . finally got an answer its just a relative term , to be happy you need to be sad first . so when I see people on streets without slippers I tell myself you are lucky that you don’t have to work for your food . I save money and not eat my favourite food for week and eat at weekend and again happy , I play games watch anime’s and the whole focus is not to focus where it pains . 1 st month you’ll miss him/ her 70 percent and next month 65 and keeps decreasing as you train your brain and in the end you forget about it . try helping less fortunate fight against capitalism ,coz your kind move is a reason for their happiness . the same emotion which you deserve can also be shared just by your small efforts.

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