Update: Siri now sends rape queries to RAINN
Sara Wachter-Boettcher


This is a brilliant step towards bringing about a small yet highly impactful change and we thank you for that.

However, Apple hasnt put its heart and soul into resolving this issue.

So, once i was done reading this, I tried it myself to see if it pulls up a local Helpline in Bengaluru, India(where i currently reside) for example “Call 1091”. As expected, it did not!

What this really means is, Apple still hasnt got it. If they really meant to help people in distress they should go about researching Local Helpline numbers/Organisations and update accordingly. At a time when Apple uses location tracking for multiple other purposes, is it really that hard to identify the location of the user and offer help accordingly rather that just update a Helpline specific to the US? Not like women in India dont get assaulted!

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