Indian Startups in June 2016: We are moving to a happy place

It’s crazy how our ecosystem has evolved certain levels in the last 6 months. Really really surprising, and impressive.

We are now talking about MAUs (Monthly Active Users) and not the number of app downloads, about real revenue and not total value transacted, User Retention instead of blindly throwing money on User Acquisition, Organic Models in place of just TVCs, implementing specific learning from the Bay Area instead of just ‘getting inspired’ and building a me-too, and of course, finally – finally bringing in tech into tech companies, being innovative, and cleverly mixing it with the unique operational dynamics that India offers.

F*#* the slowdown, the Brexit, and what not – it’s such a great feeling that we are moving to a better place. Indian startups are coming of age. Only awesome things from here!

Feeling happy.