Review: Don’t Hold Back 2.0, Is Ranveer Singh Jacking Hiphop movement ?

With release of “Don’t Hold Back 2.0” Ranveer Singh has put four underground rappers Devil The Rhymer, SlowCheeta, Spitfire & Kaaam Bhaari on playlist of every Indian hiphop fan. The song is based on the tagline #Don’tHoldBack all the rappers have their bars circled around it. Ranveer Singh in the deadlock and those lenses looks like a G and after spitting few bars lets his soldiers do the talking.

First comes Devil The Rhymer with a wicked worse, flow is top notch and the lyrics just gets good as it goes the energy is raw and only builds up the right platform for other rappers to launch their bars. SlowCheeta spits about the people holding themselves back and emphasises on the importance of letting it out and living it all. Spitfire has the most calm down verse on song dude eloquently drops fire and leads to the danger flow of Kaam Bhaari as the name sounds his verse was typical bombay flow ultimately his flow reminded me of Kidshot another Mumbai rapper no disrespect either of them kaam bhari was dope.

The video concludes with all the four rappers sitting around carrom board and spitting bars and with Ranveer Singh in the mix makes the epic comes to a closure. Ranveer Singh with all his fan following and Industry value uplifted the home grown hiphop scene by putting 4 unknown talented rappers on the map and not to forget work with real talented producers like Anushka. Some of these guys spitting in these video, its there first time actually recording in a studio so thank you to Ranveer Singh and Jack & Jones for giving these talented guys a platform to express themselves and ultimately not holding themselves back.

As far as Ranveer Singh jacking the hiphop movement ? I don’t think so he is putting young talented dudes on a platform that they will never get otherwise is commendable and helps the movement increase to number of folds. No complains over the money he is racking up over hip hop until he puts young talent on the spotlight.

Special mentions to the producers Anushka and Shikhar Manchanda.

Link to the song :