A separate island for everyone

Are we better off as a divided society? — Dissecting an “Equality by Force” Culture

This is not my subject and I’m better off staying away from it. In my human experience though, I wonder if we were better off as a divided society, with each person having their own space, their own island. Or rather, a separate island for every group — straight, gay, women, men, white, black, hispanic…

Of course, in reality such an “arrangement” may not work — at least with gender segregation: people’s desire to mate and reproduce — desire, not need. Even if we could have an island for everyone, we’d need 7.53 billion of them.
Then comes the question of being self-sufficient — building your own internet, own military, own everything and not being so entitled.

The thought stems from having grown up as a gay man with challenges. I often wanted to be just “left alone,” and have even often caught myself daydreaming of a country — Gay Island if you will, with the only people permitted to enter and live indefinitely being gays. Even in my imagination, at its face it sounds discriminatory — and it is. But isn’t it what everyone is silently striving for anyway?

Maybe the 2016 election has made me reconsider my opinions on different subjects closely, but the leftist push for diversity, “melting pot”, standing together seems like a specious experiment at best which is a tough sell.
Someone has said, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Surely, out of fear of being ostracized or stigmatized I can repeat the same mantra, “diversity is great, let’s all live together in peace, I love all X kinds of people” when behind your back I could be, hypothetically, saying something blatantly homophobic, sexist and racist — as a lot of people do today.

How is this any real transformation… other than transforming a society of people with diverse opinions into hypocrites?

You can surely train an animal to relieve himself outside the house using a reward (“dog treats”) and punishment system; or other instant gratification mechanisms, but without them the animal’s natural instincts don’t go away and are sure to return. You can apply the same principles to forge a society of seemingly very nice people who at their core are just entrenched, wanting to be left alone.

It is therefore why I believe in not discriminating against someone based on who they are but don’t believe in “anti-discrimination laws.” They may work, or they may not — and contrast with the “at-will” clause in case of employment, at least. To elaborate:

1. An employee can be fired “at-will” for saying something unpopular or tangentially controversial, or even if my boss doesn’t like my T-Shirt —it’s called “at-will” employment for a reason. I think the rest of the protected characteristics come second.

2. The second problem is, of course, enforcing “equality” by fear and the reward-punishment system. It is forced and doesn’t transform people at their core. And also, now if you have to fire a mediocre employee who tends to fall under a protected characteristic — you need to be extra-careful so as to not rub people the wrong way, when in actuality you may not even be discriminatory.

3. Lastly, now I legally can’t create “World’s First Gay-only Engineering Firm Inc.” or a “Women-only tech firm” or for the sake of the argument, “an All-White Firm.” Yes, the last one sounds discriminatory but in reality all of these fictitious companies are, and the ultimate aim for every one of these groups is to “find their own island,” their own pack — to be able to be themselves without having to deal with other groups, for reasons that are morally right or wrong — morals, that are subjective.

That is also why I don’t mind the “private social club” loophole in the U.S. and the U.K. which enables this exact practice — for example, “women-only gyms.” Naturally, “men-only gyms” would raise eyebrows, but I argue there is a case.

So, while we will continue to strive to create a fairy-tale “melting pot land” through the fear of ostracism, regardless of how much chaos and societal crisis it breeds in reality, an island for everyone isn’t a terrible fantasy to ponder. A separate nation or island for every group — even if only in fantasy, may finally bring the peace and boredom that humans crave than this mess we are perpetually in — waiting to be accepted and liked by each other; by force.

© 2019. Akshay ‘Ax’ Sharma.