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You do make a very valid point — there is definitely an “overrepresentation” of certain issues in the media and a left-bias as we witness everyday: same chatter on repeat; over and over, it gets annoying real fast. But I also don’t understand when the 99% who are literally the norm, the “normal” default, the ‘unmockable’ whatever term you prefer, feel so “threatened” by the rather powerless 1% either. At the very least, you can be empathetic and not be an ass about it. You/I may not understand everything either but at the end of the day we simply don’t have the ‘urge to chop an arm off’ or whatever you’re talking about, and somebody does.

Most of the times people are looking to have their struggles “acknowledged” and for someone to understand but that doesn’t happen. The lefties overplay it; even in 2019 everybody is being “oppressed” and nothing is ever good enough, and the right wants to stay silent on these issues; turn a blind eye as if it’s a non-issue. What one is left with is a total dysfunctional mess.