The Start….

Every one will have a story of their starting,and may be it will be the biggest turning point of their life.Everyone have,then why don’t me have one!!!

Actually, it is a small one but changed my mind a lot.

One year of Engineering gone very fast, no idea about the applications of things that vomited in the answer sheets.

After the semester exams the smile on everyone’s face showing the depth of happiness because we have 2 months vacation. That day enjoyed a lot because there is no exam pressure in the head, and mind refreshed a lot.

The next day I woke at 7, and looked my phone (it’s the new habit of generation, we can’t start a day without looking whatsapp messages :-), Ohh… It has already begun the discussions about the internship. I also joined with them and forgot about washing the face.

Suggestions about the company filled the group and everyone’s finger pointed me for mine. Unfortunately, I was the class representative. The discussion continued…

We decided to go for internship at Keltron, and that was the suggestion of our seniors. I just read the syllabus, and found it quite interesting. It’s mainly focused on the Embedded systems.

No words for expressing those 2 weeks, it was just awesome! During this 2 week internship program, we acquired knowledge about embedded system, and experimented the various software’s for programming. Even after the internship my mind enchanted me about doing the software Proteus, which used for circuit simulation. I found my interest in using it.It fulfilled my dream of simulation of my circuits and pointed the corrections. That was the first time I got craze with the electronic components and the circuits. And I start loving it….

And this is also a start in writing blogs. I am not good at story telling, I am just drawing my stories with words. And this gives me a hand for escaping from wretched situations and making me ecstatic.

Thanks for reading…