This time the morning was a bit different . The weather was damn humid, I could faintly hear the chirping of birds. I wonder how do they tolerate such humid weather ,being so hairy ..oh wait.. so feathery ! Yah ,so, I had to attend a meeting before going for the ride . We had planned to start the ride by 3 in the noon. Though I didn’t wake up early, I had those regular sleepless nights before the ride. Woke up late, got ready for the meeting and came to know that the meeting was called off. That instant “Yes” was accompanied by a grin smile .

In no time the bikes were saddled up and we were ready to leave. It was 12 by the time we left . The weather was not that pleasant. The plan was to reach Bangalore by night. As we approached Chorla ghat,my head started bursting . Thanks to the extreme humidity . We took a short halt before Chorla to refuel our tummies. As we started ascending the ghat, cold breeze welcomed us with the beautiful curvy tarmac. No matter how many time I ride through the Chorla Ghat, I don’t think I will get bored of it anytime soon. The ghat gave us frequent surprises such as snakes crossing the road . One of them was about to take a peek into the heaven if Sandesh had not seen it.

The amazing Chorla Ghat
Mr. Snake getting his balls back in place.
The smile after those turns of Chorla Ghat.

After crossing Belgaum, the headache was back again. Few things are very irritating sometimes and this was surely one of them. Felt like sleeping off for a while besides the highway but we had to make it to Banglore before 12 at night. Stopped for a quick meal somewhere near Hubli and I popped a crocin. The headache was intolerable . It was 6 pm and we still had a long way to go. We reached Tumkur and decided to stay there for the night. We started hunting for lodges. The lodging facility near highway is really poor on NH4 part of Karnataka. It was 12 at night now. We couldn’t find any accommodation . I wanted to call the day off so desperately . I was so fucking tiered because of the headache and all I needed that time was a bed to crash on. We decided to go back few kms in search of a lodge . While riding back we saw a remote bus stand .Sandesh suddenly remembered that we had sleeping bags. It was time to test them .

Our cozy suite .
Sandesh before dozing off.
Adda at night.

It was quite an adventurous yet a freaky experience . Sleeping at a bust stand with so much luggage . We couldn’t sleep properly the whole night . With just 3 hrs of sleep, I woke up at 4 am and started saddling up my bike as it was time for the busses to start their daily routine. Sandesh also woke up by that time. We left the place at 5 am.

To be continued… …