Matt Canty

Matt, i think if you interview five white middle class guys and pick the best guy out of five middle class white guys, did you really pick the best guy for the job?

The entire statement above is laced with very narrow perception (and pseudo-sexism). There are plenty of studies out there showing that all kinds of varied perspectives on exclusionary practices in how we do business in tech. Not saying that are intentional, but they are definitely doing the job.

Fear not that a good white guy will get passed over. As a black woman and techie I wouldn’t want a job i wasn’t able to do, any more than I wouldn’t want to hire a black techie woman who couldn’t do the job. The idea is to give everyone a fair chance to interview and get hired, and a fair chance to be retained. (and to look at it through an innovation lens, the best possible chance to be as innovative as possible for the company)

There are several steps in the supply chain you are overlooking to contribute to this, and if you look at it through the lens of “it would be a shame to ________”, think of all the folks with potential that are in demographic classes that are being overlooked for a white male with less talent than them?

There are also published studies on how minorities (of all classes) are heavily underhired (in relation to this article, very talented asians that are not in leadership roles they deserve),…myriads of degrees and experience, to work for someone with half their skill set that underutilizes their potential. That’s more wasteful current corporate behavior.