I didn’t start to succeed as a writer until I began shifting my attention away from the results
The 7 Differences Between Professionals and Amateurs
Jeff Goins

This is an “aha” statement that I can draw parallels to in the sports world.

When I teach young basketball players how to shoot, one of the key concepts to the mental part of making shots consistently is not focusing on the result but on the process of shooting. When you focus on your mechanics and going about them correctly in the context of a shot attempt, even amateurs find they can make several shots in a row. It’s only then that you realize that great shooters spend their time doing two things:

  1. Perfecting mechanics
  2. Developing the ability to focus on executing those mechanics for long periods of time.

Most people are highly affected by whether a shot goes in or not and never bother to consider what they did to make it go in or not. As the player develops, they then come to realize that whether you make or miss is irrelevant, if you actually want to make shots. What’s relevant is being completely obsessed with what you did to take the shot and perfecting that.