GA Campus Carry & Israel
Casey Sharp

“As a former university instructor this concerns me. Educators did not want this. NRA lobbyists forced it upon them.”

You say this as if the opinion of educators is the only thing that matters, and as if the NRA is some soulless monolithical entity rather than an organization that represents the interests of millions of actual people. Some of those people are college students.

“I have many friends who are professors & instructors, and I urge them to drop any students who come into their classrooms with a gun.”

This is nothing less than naked bigotry, based on some very narrow minded assumptions you’ve alluded to in your first paragraph. “Wanna-be-cowboys.” Certainly those people exist, but they are the exception, not the rule. Most dedicated enough to CC every day do in fact see carrying as “a burden and not a blessing.” They go to the range more often than the average cop does. They go out of their way to avoid confrontation, even minor ones. even when they’re right.

The whole point of conceal carry is to avoid complaints from people who aren’t comfortable with guns, so you probably won’t notice anyway. But even if you did, you don’t anything else about that person. There is a small chance they’re one of those “wanna-be-cowboys”. But more likely they’re someone whose been safely using firearms since they were in grade school, or they’re a veteran, or they’re a competition shooter, or they’re someone who was victimized by a violent crime and has dedicated themselves to not letting it happen again. You don’t know anything about them other than that they’ve chosen to carry a handgun, yet you’re comfortable denying them education until they conform to your own beliefs on the subject.