8th Feb — More Europe and the 9th circuit court
Matt Damage

Just FYI, being adjudicated as mentally ill or being involuntarily committed still disqualifies you from purchasing firearms.

The only thing that was scrapped was a scheme to consider anyone who has their Social Security benefits being handled by a third party as mentally ill and bar them from purchasing. Mental illness is certainly one reason someone might have their benefits being handled by a third party, but its not the only reason. Its the same issue with the idea of banning people on terrorist watchlists from buying — many of the people on those lists are false positives and shouldn’t be on the list .And taking away someones rights so arbitrarily goes way beyond just the 2nd Amendment, it also becomes a 5th and 14th Amendment due process issue.

Everyone knows the NRA opposes these things, but a lot of so-called liberals are ignoring that the ACLU also opposes this crap. There’s a reason the ACLU opposes it. If someone is such a threat to the public or to themselves that they need to have enumerated rights taken away, then that is a case the government needs to make in court. This concept the Democrats are pushing, of taking away enumerated rights with no notice, no evidence, no due process, based on the decision of some anonymous, unelected and unaccountable executive branch bureaucrat, and its on you to take action to prove in court you should get them back… its downright dangerous.

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