“Orlando’s Turn”
Raphael Mariani

The AR-15 is not some weird niche weapon purchased only by preppers and people about to go on a shooting spree. People use it for every legitimate purpose there is for firearms, from self defense, to competitive target shooting. And yes, contrary to your poorly informed quip, hunting as well. Though not for deer… its actually not powerful enough for deer. Hogs and coyotes for the most part. None of this is rare either. It is by far the single most common model of rifle in the country, and arguably the most ubiquitous firearm in general. Every major manufacturer, and dozens of smaller ones make them, because the patent on the design is expired. Go to any busy gun range and you’ll probably see dozens of them.

There also isn’t a rational justification for banning it. There may be an irrational, emotional justification, based squarely on what you’ve seen on TV. But the data doesn’t support it.

Banning it and other rifles like it is not compromise. Not really. It’s “compromise” in the same ridiculous way that ‘only’ banning abortion after 8 weeks is “compromise.”

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