The era of the NRA is coming to an end. We need a better national gun owner group.

“The NRA does not represent you — you, the responsible gun owner, who values skill and experience and commonsense.”

Curious, because the NRA is still the single largest provider of gun safety training and marksmanship courses, as well as the largest and most repsected accreditor of trainers for those courses. They’re also the largest organizer of competitive shooting events. I should think anyone who values skill and experience would value the largest promoter of those things.

“The NRA represents the gun manufacturers”

To a degree, they certainly do. Their interests and mine are generally aligned though, insofar as neither of us want to see firearm technology invented after 1900 banned, or see domestic firearm manufacturing completely eliminated, as one of the two major political party calls for.

But the notion that the NRA prioritizes the interests of the manufacturers over gun rights is demonstrably false. Extending the requirement for background checks to private sales would only benefit manufacturers, and would greatly benefit dealers, because it would incentivize buying new rather than used firearms. The NRA has opposed doing that. Conversely, ending the “sporting use” limitation on firearm imports would make thousands if not millions of foreign military surplus firearms available to American consumers. Many of these are never-fired guns that are still in mint condition. In Canada, where such import restrictions don’t apply, one can find these firearms for half or even a third of what you’d pay in the US. American consumers gaining access to a large number of good quality yet inexpensive firearms would most certainly not be good for the manufacturers. Yet the NRA supports doing this.

Personally, I’d love it if the NRA could stop any political activity. But that simply isn’t going to happen as long as one of the major political parties is hellbent on gutting the 2nd Amendment to the point that it becomes effectively worthless. If you actually expect anyone to abandon the NRA, then lobby the Democratic party to remove the entire “preventing gun violence” section from their platform.

Until then, the NRA is going to continue being relevant. No one is falling for labeling draconian restrictions that have no rational justification as “common sense.” No one is falling for re-branding gun control as “gun safety”, especially when the people leading that movement regularly hold press conferences where they sweep a room full of reporters with the muzzle of rifle with the magazine inserted, the action closed, and their finger on the trigger. And no one is going to listen to the people trying to pull off these deceptions when they also try to claim the NRA doesn’t have their interests in mind.

Only 1 in 5 gun owners (19%) are members of the NRA.

Only about a third of senior citizens are paying members of AARP. Shall we say 2/3 of senior citizens disagree with AARP?

There’s 80 million registered Democrats, but the ACLU only has 1.2 million members. Shall we say the vast majority of Democrats disagree with the ACLU?

The membership of the NAACP is less than 1% of the black population of the US. Shall we say that 99% of black people don’t agree with the NAACP?

Or is it more likely that most people just can’t be arsed to pony up $25 for a membership in an organization, even if they generally support what that organization does?