Black Lives Don’t Matter
Tabitha Todle

The NRA’s issue here is a refusal to challenge the police. There have been similar incidents with white and hispanic gun owners that the NRA was equally silent on. Now, excessive use of force by police is something that disproportionately hurts black people, and thus, a refusal to address that problem is something that disproportionately hurts black people. And I don’t doubt that race probably played role in how this particular incident happened. But the motivation of the NRA’s obstinance on holding police accountable isn’t one of race.

The NRA made a huge stink over the absurd arrest and prosecution of Shaneen Allen by the state of New Jersey, to the point of making her the cover story of their magazine. They helped win McDonald v. Chicago, a landmark case that struck down Chicago’s handgun ban — the McDonald in that being an elderly black man who wanted a gun for self defense after being the victim of multiple robberies. A black man, Colion Noir, represents their biggest following on social media. I think his take on this situation is also spot on.

Castile’s rights were violated. The NRA should speak out against it, and it wrong that they haven’t. But I think its important to understand why they haven’t. Pressuring them on their real motivations is the only way they’ll change their stance.

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