Michael Ramsburg , thank you so very much for your response and the great info .
Susan Christiana

What is not being sad is that Appalacia will not stay what it is for long. Let’s say what’s behind the scenes. USA now downto 62.5% white people and shrinking fast (non-Hispanic white — a lot of really dark Mexicans say they are white). Hillary will increase this trend. USA not a white country anymore. Go to San Diego. Or NorCal. 15 million Chinese are here!! Hiliary wants let in more. Love the ones here but don’t give our country away. All US citizens count and are good. But don’t let in mountains of other races and cultures. They just don’t melt into the melting pot. Not reciprocating. Radical multiculturalism not working. Vote Trump before US is not a white country. This is good for nonwhites too. Based on demographic trends this election is the last chance.

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