It isn’t so bad really… just surprised by how suddenly it came

The bleeding starts as a tiny trickle. You clean it up, bandage it. Then glance down at your clothes. A couple of spots. Irritating, but you’ve got some new, portable spot remover you’ve been meaning to try. So you dab it on and return to coding.

An hour later you notice the band-aid is soaked. Dammit. You get it stopped, but it takes several minutes this time. Then change your pants and set the soiled ones in cold water, just like your mom taught you years ago. You spent a moment thinking about her. Then back to coding.

But the second band-aid is already bright red. You half-remember something about bright red blood being arterial as you head for another, bigger band-aid. At least your clean pants remain unblemished, but your shirt wasn’t so fortunate. To hell with it, coding is calling. After thirty minutes, you manage to stop the bleeding.

Then you remember you were very busy this morning and may have taken a second dose of blood thinner. Dammit.

A hurried Internet search reveals that’s dumb but likely okay. Time to return to coding. You’re compulsiveness is consuming. But enjoyable.

You don’t even get to start. Blood has formed a little rivlet down your pants, across your shoe and onto the carpet. You run to the bathroom only to find blood is very slippery when confronted with tile flooring. The inevitable fall opens up the wound further. You sit amazed by your stupidity, the complete lack of pain and the rapidity of the flow. Get up. Time to call 911.

After slipping once or twice more, the phone is finally in your hands. And very slippery too. While attempting to dial, you notice your vision darkening.

Vision narrows rapidly. Then disappears. You’re on the floor now but don’t recall falling. You feel chilled in spite of the warm blood all around you.


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