Week two, Vigo and somewhere else.

المسافات تزيد الاستقلالية وتقوي العلاقات.

Zooming out.

Getting out of my comfort zone during this journey is something mandatory in order to enrich my experience as much as i can. so once what i knew was my comfort zone started to become wider, and as i moved away from the center of it and started to live on the edge … the picture of where i was before became clearer. I can look back and point out areas in which i was unaware in. I have lived 23 years in Kuwait and belonged to heartwarming family where in both i was provided with all the facilities, services, and the appropriate atmosphere needed to gain knowledge and experience. For that, i'm grateful. Quite randomly out of my gratitude list, I'm genuily grateful for my parents’ phone calls.

On the technical side it was important to me to use several new methods of learning to cover the whole subject, to know more perspectives about a subject and to find my best way of learning for further technical things i need to learn.

“ The more effort you put the more opportunities you get “ a realisation i came up with in the couple past days which is an advice i always heard it from so many people.

Surrounding space.

back to the present, the wide space that i’m enjoying nowadays has an amazing impact to my way of thinking and decisions making. It has been more efficient to decide betwen what really matters and what does not. I can connect with clarity. when i think about the basic core of life all i need is a shelter, food, and smile all the time. To keep my smile up i have to enjoy my day, to enjoy is a decision i make by having clear intentions and choosing how my day would be in terms of atmosphere and others factors taking in consideration.

Somewhere else, Lisbon.

The most interesting thing in my recent trip to Lisbon is how a few hundreds of kilometers can show you a difference in culture, language, and atmosphere. That difference made me grateful that i work in a local city that does not have tourism where i rarely come accross the street marketing phrase “ Hello, come and have a look.” every five minutes walk or less.

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