Dear America: Here’s Your Gun Solution (Updated)
Sara Benincasa

  1. Please show me the ammendment that shows the inablianable right to own another person. I looked through all ten and I can’t find it.
  2. The second amendment is about self-defense, not gun ownership per-se. That right to self-defense was primarily a defense against the tyranny of the newly formed federal government. Time may change, and so might people sensibilities, but that right of self-defense, against my fellow man, and the tyranny of government is as inherent now as when GOD Himself spun the Earth out of nothingness. IF you would EDUCATE yourself by reading the actual writings and debates of the people who wrote the Constitution, you would know that the second amendment allowed the citizen to be on an equal footing with the government by allowing him to own the same weapons available to the government at the time. All of them wrote fairly extensively about the concept so a basic Google search should do the trick.
  3. I’m sorry people are dying from lunatics, and twisted religious fanatics, but neither your fear, nor their tragedy negate, or otherwise trump, my right to defend myself, and my family.