The Millennials

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Could it be possible that an entire generation turns out to be careless and lazy? Is this truly the case for this generation of people?

Yes and No. It is hard to judge a whole generation, and generalization is something I have learned not to do. However, it is an undeniable fact that it takes less effort to achieve things and dreams are a step away and things are in the palm of your hands more easily.

The Internet and developments of nowadays has made it possible. Parents, on top of the list, are to be blamed. As soon as a child is one or two, they are given an IPad or phone instead of the quality time with their mother, hence they loose this great opportunity of learning to connect and care. They grow up in a world where life is not about trying hard to achieve what you deserve but to deserve what you did not try hard for.

You can watch a ten minutes video instead of reading a 100 page book. You can call in Uber, choose a date and become friends in a fingerclick. You dont need to travel many miles on a horse or to search for and live with a master for years without having any connection with your family or friends in return for knowledge. Searching for knowledge could be done from your bedroom and it could be a google search away. Things are undeniably easier to gain.

Could this create lazy, ungrateful human beings? Yes. Are there still hard working people with great goals? Yes.

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I decided to write about this topic because of an incident that happened to me today. A millennial, came to me to discuss something s/he has done wrong. His/Her act could result in loosing a chance to complete their studies and more probably staying in Turkey. However I did not feel that there was much care for the incident. In contrary, instead of taking responsibility and having a certain amount of fear and regret, I sensed a type of feeling of superior and irresponsible towards events in addition to carelessness and calmness.

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