How Udacity is helping me accelerate my career as a Growth Hacker

Be a marketer never cross my mind being a tech guy with more than 20 years in IT, but to better deliver a project designated to me I decided to improve my skills in business. Three years ago, taking a Marketing class when the professor said, “Marketing is Understand and Delivery” immediately got me passionate about Marketing. Ever since I started to study Marketing and several topics related until I got introduced to growth hacking, which fulfills something that was missing in my life. The decision to apply to Digital Marketing Nanodegree was taken because Digital Marketing is an important skill that I need to master, and this program is short and with the hot topics that I need to know to be a succeeded marketer.

Digital is at the core of everything in marketing today. As a geek guy understand technology was not a problem for me, but marketing was. The concepts learned in my MBA in Marketing, provide me solid fundamentals and an excellent overview how to build business strategies. However, I realize that was not a short cut to master growth hacking. Have a deeper understanding of the core platforms to advertise, optimize, measure and best position products and services across the digital channels was not part of my MBA in marketing, not at the level that I discovered later. I already invested a long time in my MBA and the idea to start a new one in Digital Marketing was completely unacceptable. The Nanodegree sounds perfect because in three months I can fill this GAP taking the course at my pace. Moreover, the world today is moving fast, so gain time optimizing what I need to learn and transition to do the things that I love sounds terrific.

The credibility of the companies that built the program was crucial to my decision. Learn with HubSpot, Facebook, Google, Hootsuite, Moz, and Mailchimp endorsed my decision, once my primary goal was gain real-world skills required by companies who needs to advertise on these platforms efficiently. Honestly, I do not believe that these giant companies will add something not crucial for Digital Marketing. In this program, I will learn how to adversity on social media, optimize search (SEO, SEM) on Google, display advertising, measure and optimize campaigns. They are organized to allow you will build on your understanding, and the projects put you in the real game to experiment trough hands-on the concepts you learned.

Applies to the Digital Marketing Nanodegree was a right decision for me. By 2016 Udacity has 13,000 students enrolled in its Nanodegrees, so it is truly a succeeded program. Besides that, when you find your passion, you must have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, as Steve Jobs said to Stanford commencement speech in 2013 “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish”. I´ll have access to the top companies learning the essential skills needed to a growth hacker without spending a long time studying. I do understand that practice will always be imperative, but take long courses does not make sense for me anymore because the changes in this world are coming too fast. I do not expect that you agree with my decision, and I hope that at least helps you to take yours better.

I do respect your opinion and Thank You for reading my post!

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