This post describes the new productized support for Decision Optimization integration into Planning Analytics Workspace. This new integration is much easier to setup than any previous similar integration, without any code or configuration file required.

Decision Optimization and Planning Analytics

I talk a lot about Decision Optimization (DO). This is how IBM refers to its…

Decision Optimization (DO) experiments UI in Watson Studio (WS) in Cloud Pak for Data support the development, debugging and validation of optimization models before they get deployed for production usage.

Data, model and problem — different types of formulation

The experiments UI (initially known as model builder) initially only supported Python docplex optimization models. Then the support for OPL…

Step by step example where Decision Optimization helps to optimally position articles on shelves, e.g. in a retail store.

The problem

How do retail stores are placing the different items on their shelves? This is a very important topic for the retailers, included in broader Visual Merchandising, and which has long been…

The Decision Optimization Python Client for Cloud Pak for Data has now been officially released under a new name on PyPI.

The package described in this post had been made available before under the name of dd-scenario. This new package replaces that old one.

Why a Client?

This Python client makes it easy…

Some introduction to the concept of warm start in Decision Optimization (DO) and some overview of the available syntax and APIs.

Introduction and concepts

Problems and hints

What would you do when you take too much time to find the best solution to a given problem? You ask for an hint. What type of hints might…

Introduction to multi objective concepts and methods. Some hints to start modeling and solving multi objective problems with Decision Optimization.

I will start explaining why multi objective situations happen so frequently, and then provide some examples on how to model the different main cases using the most frequently used modeling…

Taking full advantage of Decision Optimization in Watson Studio and Watson Machine Learning with OPL requires the use of CSV input files. This post provides some hints about it.

As part of the integration of Decision Optimization into Watson Studio, focus has been put on homogenizing around data science practices…


Decision Optimization Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM @AlainChabrier

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