When I realized I was blind
Afthab Ali

Great work Afthab! It was a quite intriguing read, especially ‘Empathy’ part.

A few points:

  1. Isn’t it the user depend heavily on mobile application for all functions? How possible is it in Indian scenarios where the crowd is too much? (Think of Mumbai Local Train Stations) Isn’t a more relevant alternative possible?
  2. Dependency on Beacons is too much and installing this in all Railway stations will be mammoth task. Even then, user won’t be able to access it in other travel mediums and it will be quite specific to train travel which is a disadvantage. We can’t install Beacons everywhere as well.
  3. I feel research should have been a little more extensive. The transition from Empathize to Solutions was quite fast and it depended more on the existing technical facilities, which should not be the case according to my opinion. Technicality is the one which a Designer shouldn’t care in initial stages of design process.

It was a good reading overall and enough to fire up the brains in morning! Cheers

Sreeraj Alakkassery