Mozilla Urdu L10n Meetup Kuala Lumpur

Mahtab Alam
Jan 15 · 4 min read
Journey to Kuala Lumpur started with some awesome people!

With a mission to achieve some future goals, Mozilla Urdu L10n Team headed towards Kuala Lumpur. Urdu team members from India and Pakistan invited to join this event.

Available members at Meetup were:
Md Shahbaz Alam — Urdu Locale Manager & Event Organiser
Tanzil Khan, Faisal Aziz, Aamir Raza, Umer (Pakistan), Mahtab Alam

Adeel Tahir (Pakistan) & Musaeb Khan (Pakistan) were unable to join because of unforeseen visa & travel issues. We missed you guys!

Prime Focus of the Event

The prime focus of the event was to create a Style Guide & standard Glossary to help contributors make the quality contribution.


I am a Translator & SuMo Locale Leader of Hindi, but I come from the background of Urdu, and I saw that the Urdu locale does not have any style guide or Glossary. So, I discussed it with Md Shahbaz, and then he shared his plan to tackle the issues with Urdu locale.

During our initial call, We got the chance to have a Collaborative discussion about the Urdu Locale contribution challenges, and we have listed some key areas to focus. Part of our initial call discussion was:

  • Project Priorities & focus areas
  • Accountability Matrix for contributors
  • Project Resources & Urdu Language Glossary
  • Team Collaboration & Communication
  • Recognition
  • Team Expansion, On-Boarding and Roles Definition

Taking these discussion key points, we have planned the agenda of the meetup.

DAY 1 — Retrospect & Planning

At 11:00 AM, I reached the venue point (The Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), and after taking a short nap, I met with the team to have lunch and discuss upon the meetup goals. We discussed how we could build and sustain a better community structure which will help both existing and new contributors to understand and get started with the quality contribution.

Also, we have analysed the current status of projects and identify areas where immediate attention is needed.

  • Past contributions were random and not focused on project priorities.
  • Without a style-sheet and standard glossary, previous translations were not standardised, resulting in low quality and ambiguity.
  • Lack of accountability and visibility was a bottleneck in persistent contributions and ownership.
  • Lack of awareness about roles, tools, resources and team communications impacted team collaboration and quality.
  • We were missing a routine communication to keep contribution momentum going.
  • No On-boarding documentation and resource were available for new contributors.
Group Photo: After the Discussion

DAY 2 — Accountability, Structuring & Communications

Day 2 — Solutioning, Structure and Communication @Royal Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The session started with creating a Mozilla L10n standard Style Guide for Urdu locale to tackle with the problem of consistency and quality contribution in project localization.
Here is a link to the Urdu Style Guide: Link

  • A project responsibility model has been proposed and based upon that responsibilities got assigned to all the invited members.
  • Faisal Aziz explained the roles and responsibilities of Managers, reviewers & translators to the team and define contribution pathway for new contributors.
  • I got the responsibility to manage the Firefox Account and SuMo Project over Pontoon.

Lastly on Day 2, Urdu Locale team has created its WiKi page and updated the Pontoon info Page.
Urdu Team Wiki page: Link

DAY 3 — Glossary Creation, Yearly Plan, Contributor Onboarding Kit, Takeaways from the Event

After a productive day 2, We gathered on Day 3 to retrospect & conclude our meeting.

The session started with creating a standard Mozilla Localization Glossary to maintain consistency throughout all the Mozilla projects. This standard glossary will help to make future contributions more quality-focused.

A yearly plan to Urdu Localization got discussed in which focus areas were:

  • Scheduling a Monthly call to ensure proper communication and project completion.
  • The team will follow an accountability structure and complete any project before the string freeze date.
  • To onboard new contributors. Responsibility assigned to reviewers.
  • Reviewers should suggest the name of an active contributor to Manager so that he/she gets the recognition.
  • Product Marketing: To gain the userbase in both India and Pakistan, how one can promote the use of Mozilla Products and also how Mozilla can help in this.Contributor Onboarding Kit

Team has created a contributor onboarding kit which includes Mail Templates, Test Process, link to Style Guide, Glossary & Communication channel link.

  • Ensuring the quality of translations should be maintained as per standard style-guide.
  • Build and maintain trust among team members working in different geographies.
  • Managers will ensure proper communication and visibility to the team.
  • Extend support in building glossary and promote Firefox in the Urdu Language.
Day 3 ended with this fantastic group photo.

Thank you all for coming to this meetup and making it great!

Last but not least special thanks to Jeff Betty for supporting & mentoring us to organize such a productive event.


Mahtab Alam

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