Mahtab Alam
Apr 9, 2017 · 2 min read

Its a great thing to learn something new everyday.

Today i woke up at 12PM Noon because its Sunday today, And i got a call from My friend Shahbaz. He said he is going to held a Mozilla Meetup. I said ok I am coming. When i reach at location i met with New faces to contribute in Mozilla. But one thing that make me more happy that the all are female contributers. It make me happy because i have attended so many events but every time i saw very less number of contributors who are female. After that we get interact with each other and then Shahbaz take the sessions about Mozilla’s currently active part where everyone can contribute like IoT, Web Compatibility,and many more.

Also we talked about

  1. How we can take initiative and conduct a event?
  2. How to stay active and keep contributing?
  3. Channelise way to connect and ask for any help needed?

Meanwhile we have enjoyed Cold Coffee.

A nice cup of coffee to get refreshed and back to work.

Then Shahbaz talked about WebVR and its vision where we can contribute by making scenes by using small block of code, At the end we take a group photo and the event end with a delicious Lunch.

Its a day full of learning and enjoyment.

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