Their Machinations

Their Machinations

By Alan J. Blaustein

From my Blog, Poetry, Prose and Anything Goes

This poem was written November First, 2016. Prophetic?

Can I construct a monster out of words,
Raise to all-too-real a fearsome beast?
Conceive of this — I saw and heard
As prominent, the lowest and the least

I see who people choose to run their lives,
Those creatures made of greed and endless hate,
Drawing strength where fear and doubting thrive,
To work within ourselves to set our fate

My apartment in the back-end of the house,
Provides a distance hypogealic from the street.
This is no bar to hear what those espouse,
Their lying graven image of belief

They make a running joke of should you should
Then claim their machinations do us good.

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