A very inspiring piece. Love the way you take the readers through the boy’s life journey.
A Brown Woman

To “Behind the Mask”.

Firstly, thank you for the response, its openness and its honesty.

You said you were in the “docks” stage of your life right now and it was heartening to hear that you have maintained a sense of peace whilst the financial situation fell around you. As you come out of it, its clear to me that you will harvest precious insights that will serve you no matter what happens in your life.

Your are braver than you ever thought, you are wiser, you love yourself even though you made mistakes and you realise that a precious part of you remains intact.

Every successful person I know has had some kind of dark night of the soul. It was the night that brought the most profound experiences of transformation and laid the path upon which the next steps will be taken.

I leap up and down in support of you.

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