Multiple Offers Made Easy For Realtors®

As a list agent, receiving multiple offers is a double edged sword. Of course you look like a rockstar for bringing your sellers multiple offers and often times a multiple offer situation will lead to your seller getting close to the asking price, or in some cases, over ask.

But for you, juggling all of these offers, responding to all the buyers agents presenting the offers, countering, etc can leave you a bit overwhelmed and unorganized. You are most likely dealing with each agent by email so keeping all those email streams organized is tough. Then there is always that buyer’s agent that doesn’t “reply” to the existing email stream, but instead starts a new email stream each time they send you a new message.

Also, nowadays many of you are receiving offers via multiple different technology platforms that cater to the buyer’s agent and exist for writing up, signing offers and submitting offers. In these cases you are expected to adopt that technology just to review and reply to those offers on YOUR listings. So now you are managing some offers via email and some via other technology platforms that you may not even be familiar with.

Maybe you can handle all this for one listing, maybe two. But if you are managing several listings, this can get rough. If you have assistants or team members that also need to see and collaborate on the offers this adds another layer of disorganization as offers are forwarded around and important notes, dates and other info gets lost in the shuffle. Not to mention all this offer correspondence is mixed in among dozens or hundreds of other emails in your cluttered in-box.

Why isn’t there a solution that allows list agents to better manage their offers? Why isn’t there one platform that is specifically designed for offer negotiation and management where all offers can be organized in one format for easy review and comparison? Why isn’t there a platform where the back and forth correspondence between agents is standardized and a history of all offer terms is logged? And why isn’t there a platform where a highest and best request by a certain date and time can be made once and a message is sent to all the agents that submitted offers?

Yes you guessed it….this platform does now exist. It’s called MLS Offers. If you are ready to move your offer negotiations to a clean, simple to use and transparent platform that exists solely for the purpose of offer management, then please give MLS Offers a look. MLS Offers puts the list agent in control of the offer process so you can ensure that all your offers across all your listings are submitted to you through the MLS Offers platform.

Oh yeah, we almost forgot. MLS Offers is 100% free! No catch.