Teenage Sense of Urgency

-A Teenagers Philosophy

As a teenager, we have many things rolling around in our mind and it’s hard to place what’s more important.(Now this may seem as just a normal teenager complaining about parents but it’s more important than that.) Teenagers are constantly getting put in hard places that, people tell you, aren’t hard places. Teenagers are constantly getting bullied by their bodies and are thrown into lots of situations that are new to them. They are expected to have a smooth transition between high school and college, and people telling you to prepare only put more weight on your shoulders than lift them. So where do we get motivation?


All the time I feel this great urge to do something, normally during school. I’ll have this overwhelming desire to make a portfolio, or write a book, or make a website. This urgent call gives me a big burst of motivation that dies out really quickly. It’s like a sugary breakfast, you feel so ready to go but when the sugar boom is gone you feel worse. So what is this urgency?

I think it is us being kinda jealous. We are stuck on this treadmill that has never given us a prize. We keep going through school even without a real understanding of what to do when you’re out of it. To add on that we see people everywhere furthering their life’s. I saw a writer named miles on the Rooster Teeth Podcast and he was having a really fun time with a great job at a great company. Then, I’m over here with no experience and with all the same resources doing nothing.

Teenage Motivation

This all correlates to how teenage motivation works (This is my philosophy). Motivation is a big thing and can make you the best person you want to be. In school students are taught how to correctly set goals and achieve them. All while they teach us to do these goals, they are forcing us to complete a certain standard of goals set up by the state. Once we get home working on all of our work, our teenage motivation is completely depleted because we are doing something we have no interest in doing. So we continue to feel this urgent call and the follow it to only not reach it and crash, then we feel worse.

The cure

Remember you are a teenager, even though there are teenage stars this is a tutorial level in a video game. Your not supposed to be the best yet. Remember your going to go to college and get a really good life if you work hard. Whenever you have an idea, write that in a journal and come back to it. You never know, that could be the next idea that makes you a millionaire.

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