The (Lack of) Evidence for Caloric Restriction in Weight Loss
Dr. Jason Fung

I struggled to accept Dr. Jason Fung’s article on the first read. However, I could be won over more if the alternatives to calorie restriction were explained.

Regarding calorie restriction, I would advocate Intermittent Fasting or the 5:2 Fast Diet. In six months my weight reduced by 18 lb. and I improved blood pressure. The advocates of the Fast Diet claimed little evidence existed (except on mice) to back up the claims. Self-experimentation is the evidence that matters and if it wasn’t for the Fast Diet, I would be in an unfit state today.

But, I accept the general message of Dr Fung’s article because as the body adjusts to the new eating pattern, the weight loss effect reduces. You should be wary about what you eat on non-fasting days. If you listen to advocates who claim you can eat anything on normal days, you’ll find the weight creeps back up. The type or source of the calories becomes important. I have only kept my weight at a healthy level by reducing empty carbs such as bread or sugary foods.

Avoiding the temptation to eat everything I fancy is a different subject altogether.