Have We Become Too Cheap for Our Own Good?
Mike Sturm

I’ve found it difficult to accept the recent trend for subscription based software. Monthly or annual subscriptions pull you in and tie you to their workflow. As each year passes you’ll find it difficult to switch to another product.

I prefer to buy once. It may be justifyable to pay a smaller annual premium to support updates but any other method implies you are renting the product.

A friend recently boasted he had never paid for an app for his Android phone. He’s flabbergasted at what I’ve paid. E.g.

  • “Renting” 1Password for $36 per year
  • Purchased Ulysses for writing for approximately $44 plus iOS add-ons
  • Meditating with the Inscape app for (gulp) $85 for a year’s subscription (but I love it)

There are plenty others I’ve paid for only to find they sucked. So thankfully the market place is a mixed one — great apps for free and paid, and poor apps free and paid. They all have to find their place and the best business model.

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