West Omaha Circa 1915

I spend a lot of time in the Blackstone District and it surprises me how many Omaha residents don’t know that it exists. Greenslate Development Company started the redevelopment of this area in 2014. The location near the UNMC medical center plus the future potential of the Farnham Street corridor make this a wise investment. The neighborhood is technically part of the Gold Coast District of Omaha.

The new district was named after the Blackstone Hotel which still stands to day as offices for Kiewett Corporation. You can find beautiful blooms at bouquet which creates beauty for the city. There is a unique record and book store plus one of the city’s many bicycle shops. The local coffee shop is Archetype which is on our Top 6 Coffee Shop Guide. Beertopia is on beer corner and has a very knowledgeable staff to help you ‘drink globally and shop local.’

The neighborhood brings us many great restaurants and bars as well. We can help you discover the best venues on our Dishes and Drinks Tour, Craft Brewery Tour, Craft Cocktail, Wine Bar or Tequila & Mezcal Tour. Greenslate has added many apartments buildings which are both new developments as well as historic residences.

I invite you all to join me in the Blackstone District. Cheers.

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